“It is worrisome that Honduran teams with little, rustic and primitive football did so much damage to Mexican football”


motagua surprised everyone on Thursday night by eliminating before all odds the Pachuca at the Hidalgo Stadium thanks to the visiting goal to advance to the quarterfinals of the Concacaf Champions League.

The classification of the eagles hurt a sector of the Aztec press, since they consider it incomprehensible that a Honduran club left the current champion of Mexico on the road.

This was stated by the journalist Gerardo Velasquezwho struck against the set of Ninrod Medina and pointed out the performance of the ‘Tuzos’ as a shame.

“What Motagua has done against Pachuca is historic and they have destroyed a team that, with extreme excesses, faced the tie,” the TV Azteca contributor began by saying.

He then threw the taunt for the cyclone: ​​“It is worrisome that Honduran teams, small-time, low-class, with little football, rustic and primitive, have done so much damage to Mexican football. In the first leg to Atlas, Olimpia and Motagua in the two games against Pachuca”.

“And when you see Guillermo Almada with that suffering on the bench… there was no clarity, there were no ideas, capacity, intelligence, there was no what the team that, in theory, plays the best in Mexican soccer, had to show. more defined has the style and loses with Motagua and with the headlines. It’s a mess,” he added. Velasquez.

To close, the Mexican journalist said that “the real duels are coming and a Mexican has already come out, the most powerful of those who were there, it has been shameful, a disgusting soccer game for Pachuca in these two games against Motagua. He is embarrassing ”.

motagua now it will be measured against tigers of Gignac with the illusion of continuing to make history in the competition. The first leg will be played on April 5 at the Olympic Stadium in San Pedro Sula and the second leg on April 13 in Monterrey.

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