It may reach torrents.. Meteorological commandments for citizens during rain

I directed General Authority of MeteorologyA number of important tips for citizens, coinciding with the chances of rain of varying intensity that the country is exposed to today, Monday, and affect several separate regions of the republic, and may reach torrents in some areas.

This comes at a time when a map was revealed weather forecastswhich is issued by the General Authority of Meteorology, about the expected rain maps today, Monday, coinciding with the country being affected by the presence of an air depression centered on the Mediterranean Sea, accompanied by a cold upper basin in the upper layers of the atmosphere, which causes rains of varying intensity to fall in most parts of the Republic.

The Meteorological Authority called on citizens to follow the following:

Drive quietly during the rain to avoid the car slipping

– Ensure the safety of car spaces before traveling

– Avoid places with rainwater gatherings.

– Avoid touching lighting poles to avoid electric lightning.

Today, Monday, cold weather will be witnessed in the early morning, pleasant during the day in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coasts, and northern Upper Egypt, moderate in southern Sinai and southern Upper Egypt, and cold at night in most parts.

The Meteorological Authority also expects that today morning water clouds will witness on some roads leading to and from Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coasts, the canal cities, central Sinai and northern Upper Egypt.

Today is witnessing weak chances of light rain on separate areas and intermittent periods on Greater Cairo with an incidence of 30%, medium rain with an incidence of 60% on the northeastern coasts and the Canal cities, and chances of light to medium rain with an incidence of 40% on the northwestern coasts, Lower Egypt and the Gulf of Suez, And the chances of medium rain may reach torrential rains in northern and central Sinai, and light to medium rains with an incidence of 40% in southern Sinai and the Red Sea mountain ranges, and light rains with an incidence of 30% in northern Upper Egypt.

As for the temperatures, today, Monday: Cairo, high 18 degrees and low 12 degrees, Alexandria high 19 and low 13 degrees, Matrouh high 18 degrees and low 13 degrees, Sohag high 20 degrees and low 09 degrees, Qena high 21 degrees and low 09 degrees, Aswan high 22 degrees. The lowest is 10 degrees.

The winter solstice occurred this year 2022 on Wednesday, December 21, 2022 AD, corresponding to Jumada Al-Awwal 27, 1444 AH, at 23:48, announcing the beginning of the astronomical winter season, according to astronomical calculations and observations carried out by the Sun Research Laboratory at the National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research.

And the winter season this year, according to astronomical calculations, will be 88 days, 23 hours and 38 minutes long, and will end on Monday, March 20, 2023 CE, corresponding to Shaban 28, 1444 AH, at 23:26.

The sun rotates in an apparent orbit with respect to the stars of the celestial background that appear fixed in the sky. orbit level.

As a result of the earth’s rotation around the sun and the inclination of its axis at the level of its orbit, the four seasons occur. In winter, the sun’s rays fall perpendicular to the orbit of Capricorn 23 and a half degrees south, and the sun’s rays are highly inclined in the northern hemisphere and almost perpendicular to the southern hemisphere except for the orbit of Capricorn, and the length of the day is short. About the length of the night in the northern hemisphere.

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