It wasn’t just New Kim: the 445 pigeons brought in 10,000,000 euros!

The record sale of the pigeon New Kim, which the DH was already talking about 15 days ago, was widely commented this weekend, including by the international press. Our colleague Le Monde did not hesitate to nicely nickname the Belgian bird: The pigeon with the golden eggs!

If New Kim reached the record price in Europe of 1.6 million euros, let us recall that in reality, the auction house Pigeon Paradise (Pipa) offered 445 pigeons for which the online auctions ended yesterday at 5 p.m. . The 445 pigeons brought in 9,506,350 euros – around 21,000 on average per pigeon. Among them, Golden New Kim, a son of New Kim, reached over 600,000 euros!

Pigeon Paradise takes 35% commission. The carrier pigeons all came from the Van De Wouwer family, from Beerlaar, which ended its pigeon activities.

As for the star pigeon New Kim, bred by Nikolaas Gyselbrecht that can be seen in the photo, he was bought by Super Dumper, the pseudo of a Chinese magnate, Xing Wei, from Tangshan (Hubei province, in the like Wuhan, where the Covid-19 pandemic started, almost a year ago to the day). Mr. Xing Wei, in his fifties, describes himself as a pigeon enthusiast since childhood. Xing Wei has been traveling regularly to Belgium since 2008, 3 to 4 times a year. New Kim is not his first. The Chinese had previously bought the pigeon Nadine (400,000 euros) and last year, Armando, paid 1,252,000 euros. Xing Wei now owns the male Armando, the female New Kim and the son of the latter Golden New Kim. The three cost him the tidy sum of 3.5 million euros.

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