“It will be more of a psychological battle than a tactical one”

Franck Berrier has scoured a few clubs in the Pro League during his Franco-Belgian career… Zulte-Waregem and Standard are part of it. The two clubs face each other this Sunday, with a reunion also for Mbaye Leye and Francky Dury. Now retired and busy getting his coaching diplomas, Berrier knows all these little people well, he will watch the meeting with attention.

I still follow the Belgian championship carefully, just like the French. And of course I will watch the game on Sunday. On the other hand, I don’t really believe that this will be played mainly around a tactic between Dury and Leye. I rather think that the confrontation will be psychological.

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Not even a small advantage for Leye to have known Dury as a coach? “I don’t think it will really help Mbaye to have been coached by Francky Dury because for me this meeting will be played primarily on a psychological level and Francky still has more experience. Tactics are important but in these kinds of matches, motivation is really crucial but also physical involvement until the end of the game.

The retired player explains: “It’s a really important game for both sides. Both teams are at a pretty similar level right now and will really want to win this game. I believe that the coach who will be the most successful in motivating his troops should come out on top.”

However, Franck does not forget the tactics: “Franky Dury has improved a lot at this level in recent years, he adapts better and better to the opponent, even the day before the game he’s able to do it if he thinks someone from Standard has come to analyze the training. For Mbaye Leye, who still has little experience as a coach, it is especially important to focus on his team, this is the most important.

Another element to take into account for Berrier, Zulte has not lost at home to Standard since November 2015

But what does he think of the beginnings of Mbaye, his former teammate, as a coach? ” He and Standard have started really well. Leye remains a young coach, he brings ideas and above all he knows the club and the players well, this is his main asset. But when you don’t have a lot of experience, you have to succeed in finding the words in the important moments, before the decisive matches. It’s the most difficult for a young coach, we’ll see how it goes for him at that time.

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