“It’s absurd”: Nathan buys a car that will be banned in Brussels in 2030… but from 2026 in Wallonia

“Why are the measurements not the same?” asks Nathan. This 23-year-old Carolo wonders about the bans on polluting vehicles in Wallonia and Brussels. The calendars are not identical in the two Regions.

“I do not understand really not why do the measures are not not them same throughout Belgium. Nathan, 23 ansdo reference the gradual banning of the most polluting vehicles. This inhabitant of Charleroi (Hainault) contacted us via the orange Alert us button, because he considers the differences in the calendar of the low emission zones between Wallonia and Brussels to be abnormal.

Established in recent years, the “Low Emission Zones” aim to gradually ban the most polluting vehicles circulating on our territory. The objective: to protect the health of fellow citizens. But the (Belgian) problem is that each Region sets its ban schedule, which can pose a problem in certain practical cases.

I have family in Brussels

Nathan purchased a home recently in his life. As work was to occur there, he had in his possession a utility car: a 2006 diesel. The work being finished, Nathan decided to sell his utility and buy a new vehicle. But before rushing to the first car, Nathan inquires about the low emission zone in the capital. “I have family in Brussels where I often go”, he says. The Carolo would not like to have to pay a fine of 350 euros (amount of the offense in the Brussels Region).

“I decide to take a 2009 petrol vehicle. It’s more ecological and has a smaller engine capacity than my old diesel.” The vehicle will not be banned from circulation in Brussels until 2030.

Nathan does not inquire about the ban in Wallonia, because he simply does not know that such a zone will soon come into force on Walloon territory. We told you about it recently on RTL INFO, a number of people ignored this measure, like mark one other of our alerter. (>Read his testimonial).

“I no longer know where to turn in this Belgium!”

There’s a some daysthe Walloon Minister for the Environment, Céline Tellier, do to know what’interdiction of the most polluting vehicles in Wallonia should be postponed to 2025 to lieu of 2023. (In know more). It was only then that Nathanlearn. A zone low emissions in Wallonia? quid de son vehicle that he come d’to acquire and that will be able with to return in Brussels until 2030? Eh bien, sa Skoda essence from 2009 (EURO 4 standards) can no longer circulate in Wallonia from the end of 2025! A blow for the one who paid around 5,000 euros for his new car.C’est aberrant. Why that difference between Brussels and Wallonia?s’interrogateshe. I don’t know where donner from head in this Belgium!

Ban date in BRUSSELS for Nathan’s vehicle:

Ban date in WALLONIA for Nathan’s vehicle:


Estelle Toscanucci is the spokesperson for the Minister of the Environment, Celine Tellier. She explains this difference: “The realities in Brussels and Wallonia in terms of car traffic are very different and are subject to different decrees.” Result for the minister’s office: renewal of vehicle fleets, ZBE (low emission zone) schedules, multimodal offers, etc. justify different timetables. “In Brussels, there is a greater concentration of people, half of the inhabitants do not own vehicles, the multimodality offer is greater. Wallonia is more of a rural area. You have to think according to the realities“, we explain.

There is a severe lack of information

However, the office of the Minister of the Environment recognizes that it is not easy for citizens to find their way around: “Nevertheless, we are aware of the complexity caused by these various laws. We are in regular contact with our counterparts in Brussels and will continue to work in order to avoid as little inconvenience as possible for the people concerned, and to offer support to households who have with few means, while maintaining our objectives of protecting the health of Walloons and improving air quality.”

Nathan also points to the authorities’ lack of communication with the general public. “There is a cruel lack of information. A letter received by our respective municipalities would not have been refused”, he blurts out. On this point, Estelle Toscanucci rumors: “We are thinking, we will try to inform the best about the changes.”

A lack of homogeneity between the two Regions that Nathan still does not grasp: “I think the idea of ​​changing an entire fleet of vehicles requires regulations that are the same throughout the country and those with a minimum of information”he concludes.

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