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Just as happens with soap bubbles, which first swell and bear witness to the exactness of the shape and then suddenly burst, disproving the formula that keeps them in the air, the latest controversy cooked in anti-Meloni sauce was short-lived. The reason? The attractive force of the god money. The protagonist is Antonio Scurati, the writer who in yesterday’s episode of «What will be…», the Saturday evening program on Rai 3, was supposed to recite a monologue for the anniversary of April 25th and who, instead, did not introduced. The change of program was communicated by presenter Serena Bortone, who explained via social media that she had learned “with dismay and by pure chance” that the journalist’s contract had been canceled without “plausible explanations”. And it is precisely on the reliability of the causes that the left’s theorem has crumbled. The opposition, as expected, placed themselves on the barricades and rode the case, which is mounting hour by hour. The black shadows, the end of the democratic era are just two of the slogans they loudly chanted.

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Then, Paolo Corsini, the director of Public Television Service Insights, took up the needle and pierced the perfection of the transparent sphere. «No censorship. The participation of the writer Antonio Scurati has never been questioned, as demonstrated by the press releases and guest lists for internal use. I believe it is appropriate not to confuse editorial aspects with those of an economic and contractual nature, on which investigations are underway due to higher figures than expected and other promotional aspects to be clarified”, he declared. The Unirai union also intervened shortly after: «We learned that there was no censorship. The regret remains that the company, and therefore all the workers, have for a long time been the target of those who only seek to fuel useless controversy. The debate is always welcome, with the maximum number of voices possible, but it must be relevant to the reality of the facts”, reads an official note. An email put into circulation by Ilaria Mecarelli, executive producer of the television container, contributed to supporting the thesis according to which the reason for the about-face of the professor of comparative literature and creative writing was of a purely economic nature. According to what we read, Scurati’s guest was indeed expected, but free of charge (TG) and not for consideration (TO) as for other invited figures.

Scurati plays the martyr and attacks Meloni: It's violence.  And about the compensation...

This is a piece that makes only one hypothesis credible: the compensation would have been requested by the writer only at a later time after the signing of the agreements. The members of the Rai Supervisory Commission of Fratelli d’Italia requested the hearing of the Company’s top management. In the meantime, Repubblica tries to dismantle the issue of the fee by publishing a Rai document in which it is said that the guest was skipped for “editorial reasons”. But the editorial reasons “is the formula that is merely used to formally imply that of the economic reasons”, explains a qualified internal Rai source to . Meanwhile, the prime minister has put a stop to every machination, publishing the author’s text on his Facebook profile: «The left shouts at the regime, Rai responds that it has simply refused to pay 1800 euros (the monthly salary of many employees) for a minute of monologue . I don’t know what the truth is, but I calmly publish the text (which I hope not to have to pay for) for two reasons: 1) Because those who have always been ostracized and censored by the public service will never ask for anyone’s censorship. 2) So that Italians can freely judge its content”, he wrote. In the evening, Scurati’s reply also arrived, directly attacking Meloni: «The decision to cancel my speech is evidently due to editorial reasons, as explicitly stated in a now public company document». It’s a shame that, as mentioned, there is money behind those editorial reasons.

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