Its complications are serious.. An urgent health warning about the cold shot or the magic mixture

Today, Monday, the Ministry of Health and Population issued a new warning to citizens about obtaining a cold injection, or what some call the magic mixture, as it confirmed that this injection may cause many complications, including renal moderation and problems in the liver, digestive and immune system of the person.

The Ministry of Health and Population said, in a statement today, that the cold shot includes an antibiotic in its composition, and it is known from a medical point of view that a cold is not treated with antibiotics, especially since influenza and cold are viral infections, and that antibiotics treat bacterial infections.

In its statement, the Ministry of Health called on citizens not to resort to this injection because it contains cortisone, which excessively leads to diabetes, high blood pressure and weak immunity, noting that the magic mixture contains analgesics and antipyretics that excessively leads to heart problems. And in the liver and kidney dysfunction.

The magic mixture

Citizens usually resort to a cold or magic syringe, where they go to the pharmacy in order to obtain it when they have a cold or influenza. On the syringe, indicating that antibiotics treat bacterial infections and do not treat colds, and when excessive use of antibiotics makes the body resistant to them in the long run.

The Ministry of Health indicated that excessive intake of cortisone causes a weakening of immunity and enjoys many harms to diabetics and people who suffer from high blood pressure. kidney function.

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