“It’s dangerous, there’s blood”: more than 700 asylum seekers will be evacuated from a building in Schaerbeek

It’s been 3 months now that a building has been “occupied” by undocumented migrants. Hundreds of people, mostly asylum seekers, who have made the place a kind of “refugee camp”… The situation there is complicated, both in terms of health and security. The authorities have therefore decided to evacuate the premises tomorrow.

They are more than 700 asylum seekers to be housed in a building located in Schaerbeek. Inside, boxes block the elevators, garbage cans and waste are piled up in a corner… “I sometimes go upstairs. You know, there are a lot of people here who are thieves, who sell drugs. It’s quite dangerous, there is blood”explains Yassin, an asylum seeker.

Confirmation from Riazullah, also an asylum seeker, who takes us to the upper floors. “Yesterday they fought here and some people got hurt. You see the blood. It’s not secure enough. Every night there’s a fight and that’s a problem”he points out.

A building invested for 3 months. And today degraded… A difficult situation to live for Riazullah. “This place is not ok. You can just sleep here: there is no water, no toilets, and no other services”he said.

But they will be evacuated tomorrow Tuesday, February 14. A decision taken by the regional and federal authorities, after several requests from the municipality. “A crisis exit plan has been drawn up by the various levels of power concerned in order to relocate the occupants and empty the building”indicates the office of the Brussels Minister-President, Rudi Vervoort.

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Everyone present in the building will be offered accommodation. The building will be completely empty. An operation that should last until Wednesday.

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