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There were not a few who warned from Dacia that, as much as the Romanian brand is the protagonist on a regular basis among those looking for a low-cost model, there would come a time when other brands would be at their level in this regard.

And that moment has arrived. Although it is true that generalist brands such as Kia o Seat are launching very simple models at very low prices that compete in some cases with models like the Dacia Dusteres MG the brand that is really putting the Romanians on the ropes.


A mark, MGwhich no matter how much they remember for its historical past as one of the most attractive English brands, today is part of the Asian giant Saic Motors. A giant who wants to enter with everything in Europa and what is he doing MG one of their best soldiers in this war.

The MG ZS is the bargain of the moment in Spain ahead of any Dacia

The idea of ​​​​the brand, as those who have been interested in it well know, is to end up being decisive as one of the manufacturers of 100 × 100 electric models at low-cost prices. However, with a very keen eye, MG has chosen to launch gasoline versions of some of its models to gradually position itself in the market.

And the best example of this is MG ZSwhich, in its most basic version with a gasoline engine, can boast of being one of the cheapest and best equipped SUVs on the Spanish market.


With the current offer, that leaves your starting price is 12.950 € as long as we comply with the specific financing conditions, this model continues to be the bargain of the moment spain ahead of any Dacia. And more considering the increase in prices of the Romanian brand in recent times.

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