“It’s your fault Euclid and if you challenge again the answer will be harsher” – 2024-02-24 19:52:58

Pavlos Polakis took a position on what Euclid Tsakalotos attributed to Alexis Tsipras, blaming the former minister for the defeat of SYRIZA.

Pavlos Polakis in a long post on Facebook attacked Euclid Tsakalotos and accused him that from 2019 onwards his main concern was to exercise internal opposition, which benefited the ND.

It should be noted that Euclid Tsakalotos had commented on what Alexis Tsipras said a few hours before the conference, noting among others that they did not leave the party (including those of the New Left) because they lost in the internal party elections, but because they saw its emptying SYRIZA.

In his post, Pavlos Polakis specifically mentions:

“No Euclid Jackal!!

You and those around you are to blame!!

– When in October 2018 the cushion had reached almost 30 billion euros and instead of telling the government you continued to increase it to 37-38 billion in May 2019 in order to objectively give it as a gift to Mitsotakis and the bankers for the herculean plan!!

– It is your fault that instead of saying then in October 2018 that we are stopping the increase of the cushion because it reaches 30 billion. That is why we are legislating the 13th pension, reducing ENFIA, reducing a series of taxes and practically increasing liquidity in the market, you continued to you tax the middle classes who turned their backs on us because even when we ran to legislate this in March April when we learned that the surplus is 37 billion, no one believed us!!

– It is your fault, Euclid, that when we lost the government in 2019, on the one hand you cursed Akrivopoulou and Kapsohas, the only show that supported us on ERT, justifying the ND truth group, on the other you said that Tsipras does not know how to choose partners, on the other that you have civil self-confidence and Tsipras does not, the other is that you do not deal with direct assignments because these are toxicities and scandals and not “high left politics”, the other is that you cannot call Mitsotakis a fraud!!!

Constantly making internal opposition, turning other people’s talk by giving weapons to the ND!

– It is your fault, Euclid, that when we were in government together with Chouliarakis and the Secretary General of the Accounting Office, Koutentakis, you insulted me in 2016, until you accepted the 400 euro competition allowance for rural doctors that filled rural clinics with doctors when it was implemented, because as you shamelessly said after 6 years of salary cuts and harsh memoranda “the left should not give benefits” (note: we gave the benefit from money I found from the reserve of the Ministry of Health and not from extra funding)

– It is your fault Euclid and Chouliarakis and Koutentakis that you chose Pitsilis as the president of AADE who openly sabotaged us at all levels and today he is a pet of Mitsotakis and revels in direct assignments !!

– It’s your fault Euklidis and Chouliarakis and Koutentakis for reducing the salaries of hospital administrators, Ministry of Health, EOPYY to the point where they were no longer going and you even wanted to make retroactive deductions for them (we avoided this) and they almost all left, the at the same time that the ones you appointed to THS and ETAD, etc., were getting huge salaries.

– It is your fault, Euclid and the other two, that when the STE in 2017 considered that tax cases are time-barred in 5 years and thus those who were on the Lagarde and Borgians lists were spared, you did not proceed with new legislation to continue the tax audit of these rodents who stole public wealth and transferred it to tax havens!!!

I’ll stop here because I can write until tomorrow.

If you challenge again, the answer will be harsher.

C’mon why the architects of the 2019 defeat and the leaders of the 2019-23 non-opposition and undermining can’t point the finger at us and tell us about self-criticism!

Because your so-called “bourgeois self-confidence”, Euclid, is not worth a penny in front of the genuine popular self-confidence of those who do not owe anyone or who “owns” them and know that they come from afar and will reach far in the battles of social evolution and social liberation, daring to confront the oligarchy and the entanglement on an equal footing and not say about the banks “too big to die” like you!!

And to finish it off: You left because you lost the presidency of SYRIZA – PS.


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