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Iván Cepeda underwent liver surgery for cancer and everything went well

Cepeda He explained that a part of the liver was removed due to a “cancerous lesion” and stated that He has already overcome the postoperative period to return to work in the next few days.

“Yesterday, at 7 in the morning, I underwent surgery. The purpose of that intervention was to extract a part of my liver that was compromised again by a cancerous lesion. This operation was performed after a 6-month chemotherapy treatment. At this moment, I am coming out of the most tense phase of post-surgery ”, stated Cepeda, in dialogue with Snail Radio.

He noted that the surgery is part of a procedure in addition to chemotherapy that you have carried out during the last semester.

“This treatment is complementary to chemotherapy. In these cases, as appropriate, full transparency and I answer for any questions, “he said on that station. (See also: Iván Cepeda corrects Semana data on the time of his judicial battle with Álvaro Uribe).

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The senator himself stressed that this new surgery was due to a “relapse”, after having been Colon surgery in March 2018 for the same kind of Cancer.

“It is a relapse. Cancer is a treatable and beatable disease. If there are conditions, cancer today is perfectly beatable. […] I thank the Colombian doctors for all the efforts they make for their patients ”, he concluded, in conversation with Caracol Radio.

Subsequently, Senator Cepeda’s press office clarified that the successful surgery was due to “an injury to the liver, sequel to the 2018 disease“.

This said the senator Cepeda about his state of health:


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