Ivana Gottová: Another problem on the horizon? Timo Tolkki is IN PRAGUE!

It would seem that Karel Gott’s daughter Dominik is successfully behind the biggest carousel. But as it turns out, maybe not all days are over.

Timo Tolkki, the husband of the famous musician’s daughter, is in Prague again, despite the fact that the couple broke up some time ago.

Timo Tolkki boasted a photo from the airport on Facebook and his fans immediately began to speculate on whether he had come to see Dominika.

According to server Expres.cz it was possible to meet Tom in Prague’s Žižkov accompanied by a smaller guy, probably his manager.

It is a question of what is the goal of his journey, because it seemed that he could settle in Mexico. But that didn’t seem to work.

“I have to admit, my Mexican episode was a huge mistake. I want to get out of here as soon as possible,” he told the server some time ago.

The priority for him is said to be getting back together with Dominika. “I miss Dominika very much. I want her back and she wants to come back to me too. We’ll be back soon,” he says.

But Dominica has the opposite opinion. It does not prevent her from still meeting her husband here and there, but living together is said to be out of the question.

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