J. Balvin Returns to the Spotlight: New Album, Birthday Celebration, and Tour in Europe

2023-05-14 14:57:33


After a year of silence and distance from social networks, the singer from Antioquia J. Balvin has decided to get out from behind the scenes and start his career again. And he will do it in a big way: with an album that will have thirteen new songs, all of them produced after the stage lights were removed.

The last months of 2021 and almost all of 2022 were strange times for the paisa. First, the video for the song Perra, in which women with chains around their necks appeared, brought an avalanche of adverse comments on social networks. Then, the tug of war began with the rapper Residente, who had his high point with the song that he did in the company of Bizarrap and in which he left Balvin in a very bad light. These were some of the reasons that led the paisa to take a break. His latest posts are from 32 weeks ago, almost eight months ago.

However, the confinement has come to an end. Several weeks ago she was seen on the streets of Medellín shooting a video for the sixth album of her career. He took advantage of the visit to sing alongside his friend and colleague DJ Pope, in Castilla y Bello streets, places of great importance at the beginning of his musical career. This has allowed him to reconnect with a city that is present in his songs and in every space of his biography.

In That same direction points to the fact that he has decided to celebrate his 38th birthday in Medellín. EL COLOMBIANO learned that J. Balvin rented the square and the fifth floor of the Museum of Modern Art in Medellín to share a party with his closest friends and family. THE COLOMBIAN could see among the guests to Ryan Castro, Maluma and, of course, Balvin’s partner, the model Valentina Ferrer.

Although the singer was born on May 7, the date chosen to celebrate another year of life was Saturday the 13th. Consequently, that day the public could not enter the exhibition halls or the museum’s cinema.

Balvin had already celebrated his birthday last weekend in Miami, United States, a city where he arrived after being invited to the Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix, a sporting event in which he was seen with his partner and where they He met other Colombian artists such as Maluma and Shakira.

And there things do not stop. On Monday, May 15 – according to sources close to the singer – the video of Toretto will be released, the song with which Balvin will participate in the soundtrack of the tenth installment of the Fast & Furious saga. And to finish the retreading, it is known of a tour of the paisa in Europe that will take him to Australia, in his reunion with the stages. Everything would start on June 26 at Pacha, the most emblematic nightclub in Ibiza.

Everything seems to indicate that the “Niño de Medellín” is back.

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