Jackson and Schönhaut’s arrival in the Interior: Hiring instructions for nearby people are being followed | National

After the arrival of Constanza Schönhaut at La Moneda, Minister Giorgio Jackson assured that “the standards of transparency and conflict of interest in the hiring of relatives and close ones” are being met. This, since she had a relationship with the ex-conventional, which generated some criticism. “I can confirm that these instructions are being fully complied with. (…) To the best of my knowledge, few words,” said the Secretary of State.

The Minister of Social Development, Giorgio Jackson, reacted to the arrival of the ex-conventional Constanza Schönhaut (CS) to the Government.

The lawyer from the University of Chile, former chief of staff of Gabriel Boric, arrives at La Moneda as political advisor to the cabinet of the Minister of the Interior, Carolina Tohá.

This signing caused some criticism, mainly for the relationship between Jackson and Schönhaut.

“In the month of March, President Gabriel Boric asked me, in my position as Segpres minister, to prepare instructions to raise the standards of transparency and conflict of interest in the hiring of relatives and close ones”said the Secretary of State.

In that sense, he added that the document was signed by the President and was distributed to all departments.

“I can confirm that this instruction is being fully complied with. (…) A good listener few words”held.

Likewise, Jackson asserted that the teams have been reorganized since the date of the plebiscite. “There was a change of cabinet, there have been changes at the regional level, the teams are being evaluated and different experiences are being incorporated, both professional and political, to have different perspectives that can complement and improve government management.”

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“I am sure that the different experiences will be able to build. One hopes that in a democratic debate there are no vetoes, as well as from the Executive to the teams that advise people in Congress or in the political parties that make up the political debate or in the municipalities there are no vetoes either “concluded the minister.

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