Jackson Pavade’s Inspiring Journey to Victory: Reunion Island’s Handball Triumph

2023-09-03 13:40:00

At the end of the match in the final against Mayotte, Jackson Pavade, right winger of the Reunionese hand team gave himself up to the microphone of our correspondent on site.

A new gold medal, new happy ones.

After winning the Island Games handball final against Mayotte, Jackson Pavade answered questions from our correspondent on site.

I think we had a hard time getting into the match, with the pressure, the final, the line-up which changed, then a whole assembly where we struggled with transport. But we stayed in our bubble and in the second half, we let go of the horses.

It’s a personal consecration, it’s the first time I’ve won a title. In addition I represent my island, I am proud to be from Reunion. It would be lying to say that we are not going to celebrate, we are going to celebrate, take advantage of our loved ones, our friends and let go of the pressure“.

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