Jacques Tanguay Joins Son Alexandre to Help Rimouski Secure 2025 Memorial Cup Bid

2023-10-19 12:04:12

Four months after leaving the Remparts, with whom he worked for 26 years, Jacques Tanguay is now in the enemy camp as he will join his son Alexandre to become the president of the organizing committee for the Océanic de Rimouski which wishes to host the Memorial Cup tournament in 2025.

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The news may surprise you. During the press conference announcing his departure from the Remparts, as well as that of Patrick Roy, last June, Mr. Tanguay was clear about his long-term intentions.

“It’s over for me, junior hockey,” he assured.

He assures that this is still the case. He is not officially joining the Océanic organization but rather will give a helping hand to his son so that Rimouski has the best possible chance of presenting the Memorial Cup in 2025.

“At my age, I don’t join in with anyone!” Alex is 30 years old and he is doing an outstanding job with his club so he doesn’t need me in any way. When he asked me to help him with the application, I said yes straight away.

“People can have their perceptions but I’m not helping the Océanic, I’m helping the city of Rimouski obtain the Memorial Cup. When I left the Ramparts, I mentioned that, for the first time in my life, I could pretend to be one of my family members and I wouldn’t be shy about doing it. Alex is my son and there is no closer bond than that. To be able to give him a helping hand is a privilege,” he assured during an interview with the Journal.

Extensive experience

One thing is certain, Tanguay will not arrive in unfamiliar territory. He presided over the organization of the Quebec Memorial Cup tournaments in 2003 and 2015, in addition to the 2022 bid which was ultimately awarded to Saint-Jean. With the Remparts, he also experienced from the inside the competitions of 2006 and 2023, in which the team participated, winning each time.

He therefore knows full well what a city and an organization must have if it wants the Canadian Hockey League to choose it. And he believes that Rimouski has everything it takes.

“Preparing for the Oceanic looks like what Patrick [Roy] and I did. They started two years ago when they traded Zachary Bolduc to Quebec for three first-round picks. They have a very young team which will reach full maturity in 2025. This is an important criterion since I have already presented a tournament where we were only extras, in 2003.

“In addition, in May, Rimouski is one of the most beautiful cities in the province. With all the tourist side that can be attached to it, I think it is a prime location to present the first tournament on Quebec soil in ten years. »

Remember that Rimouski and Shawinigan are the only two cities still in the running for the presentation of the event in 2025. Applications must be submitted no later than November 10.

And Patrick’s help?

Moreover, speaking of Patrick Roy, could Mr. Tanguay appeal to Patrick Roy’s credibility to help him promote Rimouski’s candidacy?

“We talk every day and see each other every week. Patrick is already well aware of what I am going to do with the Océanic and I am convinced that if I need his help, he will be there,” he simply replied.

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