Jadue for Human Rights report in Venezuela: “I condemn any type of violation, wherever it comes from” | National

Sebastian Brogca | UNO Agency


After several appointments from various political sectors, the Recoleta mayor, Daniel Jadue, referred to the situation in Venezuela after the UN report that links the government of Nicolás Maduro with crimes against humanity.

As reported by the president of the mission, Marta Valinas, “reasonable reasons were found to believe that the Venezuelan authorities and security forces have planned and carried out serious human rights violations since 2014, some of which – including arbitrary executions and the systematic use of torture – constitute crimes against humanity ”.

What’s more, he added that “Far from being isolated acts, these crimes were coordinated and committed in accordance with State policies, with the knowledge or direct support of the commanders and high government officials ”.

Following the report released last Wednesday, the Communist Party, through a public statement, indicated that “Rejects, denounces and alerts on the escalation of communication, diplomacy and pressure” that the United States has promoted – “of which the government of Chile is a part” – to destabilize, discredit and intervene “for the electoral process that is looming in that country.

Faced with the latter, from various sectors of the unionism and the opposition summoned the mayor of Recoleta and possible presidential alternative, Daniel Jadue, to express his position on the report of the international organization.

In this way, through his social networks, the communal chief indicated that “the validity of Human Rights is universal in nature and for the same reason I condemn any type of violation in any place and wherever it comes from ”.


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