Jalisco. They block the Saltillo highway, there are vehicles on fire

a command blocked the highway to Saltillo with burning vehicles after a confrontation with elements of Army in Zapopan, Jalisco.

According to initial reports, several individuals descended from a gray sedan, lowered the passengers of an urban truck and set it on fire, heading towards the town of San Esteban, and a second vehicle was set on fire on the south side.

After the report, authorities are already attending to the fires, as it should be noted that at the moment there are four scenarios with five vehicles on fire.

Saltillo and Chicharo (1 urban red and 1 private late model)

San Isidro and Rio Blanco (1 urban red)

San Isidro and San Isidro Valley (1 urban green)

San Isidro and La Grana (1 red sedan)

It should be noted that there is support from an ambulance, although at the moment no injured people have been reported.

The state governor, Enrique Alfaro, affirmed that the situation is already under control and that the blockades sought to prevent the passage of security corporations.

Through social networks, Ricardo Sánchez Beruben mentions that in a preliminary way there was knowledge of a blockade on the highway from Saltillo to the municipality of Ixtlahuacán del Río and Cuqío, Jalisco, but later another blockade was confirmed at the exit from Zapopan to the indicated municipalities, by the area of ​​Las Cañadas.

It should be noted that both points are already neutralized, since there are operational personnel in the area, in addition the fires have already been put out and the vehicles are being removed to allow vehicular passage.

It is worth mentioning that no one was injured in the events that occurred.

Given the facts, Sánchez Beruben asks citizens to remain calm.


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