Jamal Murray’s crazy routine in the bubble

Jamal Murray is one of the revelations of the bubble. We knew he was strong, but no one really imagined him turning into a superstar in the middle of summer. And yet… This crazy progression is undoubtedly due to his incredible routine during match days. Will he be able to reproduce it outside the bubble?

This Tuesday, Jamal Murray was once again the center of attention in the bubble. Not only the leader of the Nuggets released a new anthology game, with 40 points scored, 5 assists, and 4 rebounds against the Clippers, but he especially concluded the second consecutive comeback of his team.

This monumental new performance proves one thing: in Orlando, Murray has turned into a true superstar. Indeed, it went from 18.5 points, 4.8 assists, and 4 rebounds in the regular season, to 27.1 points, 6.4 assists, and 5 rebounds… In other words, it now displays statistics worthy of the best leaders in the league.

But how can this sudden progression be explained? It seems that his secret lies in his preparation. In fact, in an interview with The Athletic, Jamal Murray explained that his approach to games is very different in the bubble. In Orlando, he’s all about sleep.

On the night before a match, I go to bed around midnight or 1 a.m., then I get up on match day around 9 or 10 a.m. And then I go back to sleep for about 5 hours after the morning workout. This is my method, this is how I prepare for the big games in the bubble.

Yes Yes ! I sleep 5 hours. It’s a ritual that I have had since entering the bubble. During the regular season, I slept for about 2 hours after the shoot around. But if I’m here to play basketball, I’ll do everything to play basketball well.

On match days, Jamal Murray sleeps 15 hours! It is therefore not a surprise to see him from all over the field once the game has started. But this incredible amount of sleep is not only related to its performance and the pursuit of excellence, there is also a lot to do with mental health.

Paul George talked about feeling depressed in the bubble, he talked about stress too… And he’s right. It’s a real problem, and it’s very difficult to deal with it. Lucky for me, basketball is a drug. When I want to let my mind go, I go to the pool, I go home, I sleep, I get ready.

The recipe is effective for the moment, since Jamal Murray seems to be in good shape both physically and mentally. Even at the foot of the wall, the leader manages to surpass himself, and to carry his team to victory, even in series yet poorly started.

The only negative point is that he will probably never have the opportunity to sleep 15 hours a day away from the bubble… Hopefully this does not affect his level.

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