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Flemish Prime Minister Jan Jambon (N-VA) has this year awarded Flemish decorations to two ‘ordinary’ Flemish people: a cleaning lady from the care sector and a cashier from the supermarket. In addition, choreographer Ish Ait Hamou, pedagogue Ingrid De Jonghe and the non-profit organization Vlaanderen Feest also received a badge of honor.

For the sixth year in a row, the Flemish government awards the Flemish decorations. It is a tribute to people or organizations who have made a special effort for society. The presentation took place in the Errerahuis, the official residence of the Flemish Government.

Surprisingly, two ‘ordinary’ Flemings will also be honored this year, two women who have been silently committed to keeping society going during the corona crisis. Martine Vaneyck, cleaning assistant on intensive care Sint-Trudo hospital and Ann Maes, cashier in a supermarket in Kuurne, both received a Flemish medal of honor.

“It is a tribute to all those who have often put their health on the line to keep our society running in the heat of the corona struggle,” said Prime Minister Jambon.

Dancer, choreographer, TV maker and writer Ish Ait Hamou receives a badge of honor for his novel The beauty we share, in which he makes the reader think about migration in our society and the prejudices people have about each other.

Educationalist, criminologist, behavioral therapist and founder of the volunteer organization Therapists for Youth (TeJo) Ingrid De Jonghe is lauded for her work with TeJo and the many thousands of young people she has received in her approachable drop-in centers.

Finally, the non-profit Flanders Party receives a badge of honor for the efforts to stimulate being Flemish in the open world today.



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