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James Harden slams the big putback, but the celebration is at least so bonkers

Like every morning, it’s time for the Top 10 concocted by the NBA. The images and us in the comments to add a little spice to the show. Let’s go!

  • Julius Randle confuses Kevin Durant with his pump fake. And one! So like that, we are badly refereed Julo?
  • Tyrese Haliburton in caviar, Metu at the finish with the Big Jam. We will appreciate the seriousness of the Lakers’ defense (no).
  • Derrick Rose reminded Paul Millsap why he has long been every defenseman’s nightmare. The interior of the Nets may need a wheelchair to leave the stadium.
  • CJ McCollum believed the circle access was open. Jerami Grant replied: “Not in my house”!
  • Jaren Jackson Jr. who drives and flattens a huge two-handed dunk. This is why we missed the bear cub last year.
  • In football, Robben had accustomed us to his special on the left. When will NBA defenses realize that Chris Paul is still shooting from the same spot?
  • Gary Payton II episode 25 with yet another hammer blow. Dad can be proud of the offspring!
  • Malik Monk was great last night against the Kings, that’s one of the reasons why.
  • Chris Boucher did not have his best game but he had his moment of glory by crushing two players for the price of one.
  • Patty Mills three point, James Harden putback. The jam is crazy, the celebration even more.

That’s all for this Top 10 but we find ourselves very quickly with new images and always more fun to watch as a family. We ? We did the tour so we will stretch a shot and move on. We preheat!

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