Janet Jackson Tells All Her Secrets From Michael Jackson To Nipplegate In Uplifting Documentary

Even though she is one of the biggest record sellers in history, Janet Jackson has been treated as dead in the media since Nipplegate and the scandals surrounding her late brother. She finally tells.

A nipple exposed against his will, and it’s a whole career that collapses. This could be summed up unfairly the extraordinary trajectory – and much richer than that – of Janet Jackson.

Artist of the caliber of her brother nicknamed King of Pop and Madonna, the ninth and last child of the Jackson clan is seen almost treated as dead, in the media, since this Nipplegate scandal dated February 1, 2004.

2022, the year Janet Jackson resuscitates in the media?

Is his 18-year-long desert crossing finally coming to an end? A first documentary, produced by the New York Times, the Left / Right production company and the FX TV channel (the same team behind the February 2021 docu, Framing Britney Spears) and released on November 19, 2021 has already started to rehabilitate the icon; it is Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson, directed by Jodi Gomes.

But to fully recover, here is the singer tells more about herself in another documentary in two parts, directed by Ben Hirsch, and soberly baptized Janet.

“My story, told by me, not someone else” – Janet Jackson

Rather than focusing on just one dramatic episode in her life, Janet Jackson is told in all its complexity personal, professional as well as in her relationships with others (in particular as daughter of, sister of, wife of, and mother of), as you can guess the new trailer unveiled on January 1, 2022 of what promises to be an event.

Janet tells the inestimable impact of the last of the Jackson clan. This, thanks to the speeches of the first concerned, of course, but also other artists like Samuel L. Jackson, Janelle Monáe, Mariah Carey or Missy Elliott.

Archive image of Janet Jackson in documentary directed by Ben Hirsch.
Archive image of Janet Jackson in documentary directed by Ben Hirsch.

Janet Jackson recalls her status as a must-have pop icon

In addition to this first part expected for January 28, 2022, then a second part whose release date has not yet been revealed, Janet Jackson continues to make people talk about her, through a video decoding her best looks for the media Allure.

Janet Jackson Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Music Videos | Allure

Special mention to the analysis of her outfit in the clip What’s it gonna be (from 3:30 in the video ofAllure above): She wore black cock feathers for false eyelashes and dozens of cock rings like so many piercings to adorn her unforgettable purple latex catsuit.

Busta Rhymes ft. Janet Jackson - What's It Gonna Be?! (Official Video) [Explicit]

All these media appearances are obviously used to prepare the ground and raise impatience before the release of his new album highly anticipated by his fans, whose release date in 2022 has not yet been specified: Black Diamond.

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