Jang Young-ran, have you already chosen a daughter-in-law? Prospective high school freshman Lee Yu-ri asks, “How is your 10-year-old son?” (‘Teachers’)

2023-11-26 10:01:00

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[스포츠조선 정빛 기자] Channel A, where Korea’s best instructors will provide customized solutions to students and families who are worried about their grades, is a challenging student of ‘Please Take Care of My Grades: Teachers’ and ‘the president’s daughter’ Lee Yu-ri, who was coveted by MC Jang Young-ran and instructor Jeong-sik Jo in the coveted ‘No. 1 Daughter-in-Law’ ‘ becomes.

In the 4th episode of ‘Teachers’, which airs on the 26th, Yuri Lee, a prospective high school freshman who pursues perfection in everything from national auspicious arts to art and physical education, appears.

Lee Yu-ri, whose future dream is to become a ‘top math instructor’ and who starts studying for exams a month in advance, is perfect in every aspect, including her experience as a former church president, making instructors Jeong Seung-je

Student Yuri Lee also teaches her friends the ‘shower study method’, which involves memorizing words posted on the bathroom wall while taking a shower. Instructor Jo Jeong-sik, who was watching, praised him, saying, “This is a very effective learning method.” Also, when her role model, instructor Seung-je Jeong, begins the lecture, student Yu-ri Lee shows enthusiasm by asking, “Can I go up to the front and listen?” MC Jeon Hyun-moo exclaims, “How did you raise such a daughter?”, while Jang Young-ran and Han Hye-jin show off their enthusiasm for the mother of student Lee Yu-ri, saying, “Let’s meet separately, three of us.”

In the end, instructor Jo Jeong-sik covets student Lee Yu-ri, who has perfect attitude and enthusiasm for learning, as his future daughter-in-law, saying, “Aren’t you interested in younger men? We have a son who is 8 years older than us…” In response, Jeon Hyun-moo mediates the increasingly heated atmosphere, saying, “Are you already trying to get in-laws?” However, ‘Junwoo’s mom’ Jang Young-ran also did not miss the opportunity and asked, “How about 10 years old?” and participated in the ‘daughter-in-law competition’ with her son at the forefront, making people burst into laughter.

However, even the seemingly perfect student Lee Yu-ri, a “tough daughter,” has serious concerns. Attention is being paid to what is the unexpected story that made student Yu-ri Lee shed a storm of tears.

Channel A’s ‘Teachers’, a teenage achievement improvement project by the production team of ‘My Golden Child’, will be seen on November 26th at 7:50 PM.

Reporter Jeong Bit rightlight@sportschosun.com

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