Japanese film “Confession” director Tetsuya Nakajima forced actress Dewpoint victim to swallow sleeping pills and was rescued

“Confession” director Tetsuya Nakajima was recently accused by the victim.

The Japanese entertainment industry has recently exploded with scandals such as sexual assault and bullying. This time, it is the turn of the blockbuster film “Confession” director Tetsu Nakajima to be exposed, saying that he had arranged for an actress to shoot a sexual assault in the film “Crime of Thirst”. During the play, she pressured the other party to perform on the set, causing her to suffer from depression and suicide later, and finally quit the showbiz.

Take off the nipple stickers in the sexual assault scene

According to Weekly Bunchun, the victimAWhen Miss was filming the sexual assault scene, Tetsuya Nakajima instructed her to remove the nipple stickers. She had previously stated that she would not accept the dew point performance, and she refused strongly that day. The producer said to her manager Jiren at the time: “If you stop filming for one day, you will lose money.30010,000 yen, what will you be responsible for??“Tetsuya Nakajima promised that the actors would be able to confirm the presence of the actors during the later editing, and some scenes that were not approved by the actors would be deleted.Because “Crime of Thirst” was close to shackles at that time, ifAIf the young lady quits Yijiao, she will have to retake the film, which may cause even greater losses, soAThe young lady believed Tetsuya Nakajima’s promise and resumed filming the next day.

The 2014 film “Crime of Thirst” starring Koji Yakusho was also shown in Hong Kong.

However, Tetsuya Nakajima failed to fulfill his promise.AMiss was hit hard when she saw her dew point at the movie preview, and there were nearly100A related person witnessed that she immediately protested to the director and the producer, but no response was received, and the management company did not actively handle the incident. Sad and desperate, she had to entrust a lawyer to take legal action. processing, but when it was released, the scene was only slightly blurred,AMiss still could not accept it, and then fell into a severe depression. She once committed suicide by swallowing sleeping pills, and was sent to the hospital for gastric lavage. Fortunately, her life was saved. After that, she also quit the entertainment industry.AMiss told “Weekly Wenchun” about her experience. Although she did not have a public identity, netizens found that in the2014“Crime of Thirst”, released in 2009, has retired36Year-old actress Pai Gu Huimei, who plays Odagiri’s wife in the film, was involved in the hatred between Odagiri and Koji Koji, and was eventually sexually assaulted by Koji Koji.

shouting after the movieMiki Nakatani

62The 20-year-old Tetsuya Nakajima is famous for his serious and strict production. His representative works include “The Story of My Wife”, “Romania”, “Confession” and so on. Miki talked about the filming of “Romania Over Flowers”, when Tetsuya Nakajima made a bloody mess, she couldn’t help crying on the spot and escaped from the set.

Emi Paigu, who has withdrawn from the scene, was the victim of the explosion.Emi Paigu, who has withdrawn from the scene, was the victim of the explosion.

Emi Paigu, who has withdrawn from the scene, was the victim of the explosion.

Although “Flowering Flowers” won Miki Nakatani the best actress award, she also publicly pointed out that Tetsuya Nakajima is very difficult.

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