Javier Milei announces separation from actress Fátima Florez due to work schedules

2024-04-13 19:21:13

Javier Milei, president of Argentina, announced his separation from actress Fátima Florez, referring to the work schedules that, he said, have led them to live apart and have made it impossible for them to maintain a relationship.

“As a result of the overwhelming professional success that Fátima is experiencing, of whom I am extremely proud, she has received numerous job offers to work in both the United States and Europe,” the president wrote on his official X account, formerly Twitter. And he continued: “This, added to the complex task that I face today and that the Argentines have entrusted to me, has led us to live separately, making it impossible to have the relationship that we would like to have, despite how much we love each other.”

As a result, they have decided to end the relationship “and maintain a bond of friendship given what we feel for each other and how much we love, respect and admire each other,” concludes the Argentine president’s message.

The comedian Fátima Florez is the best known and probably one of the best imitators of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in Argentina. She is very popular in the country, where she has filled theaters for years, mainly with her shows where she imitates numerous figures. In addition, she has participated in successful TV programs such as Periodismo para todos, hosted by Jorge Lanata, and Bailando por un sueño with Marcelo Tinelli.

His relationship with Milei was revealed a week after the August 13 primary elections.

The president’s announcement came the same day as his meeting with the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, with whom he held a meeting this Friday in Texas after having received the “International Ambassadors of Light” distinction on Wednesday along with his sister Karina Milei. by the Jewish community of Miami.

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