Javier Milei Elected as the New President of Argentina: Latest Updates and Reactions

2023-11-20 04:08:38

Javier Milei will be the new president of Argentina starting December 10. The official candidate for the Presidency of Argentina, Sergio Massa, acknowledged this Sunday his defeat in the runoff, which gave victory to his opponent, the leader of La Libertad Avanza. “The results are not what we expected. “I have contacted Javier Milei to congratulate him and to wish him luck because he is the president that the majority of Argentines elected for the next four years,” Massa said before followers gathered at the doors of the official “bunker” in the Argentine capital.

WATCH: LIVE | Javier Milei will be the new president of Argentina after defeating the Peronist Sergio Massa

Massa, who recognized his defeat before the first official data of the provisional scrutiny was known, said that he proposed to Milei and the Argentine president, Alberto Fernández, to launch “tomorrow” mechanisms “for liaison and transition of democratic replacement so that “Argentines in the next 19 days do not have doubts or uncertainties regarding the normal economic, social, political and institutional functioning.”

The minister stated that “from tomorrow the responsibility, the task of providing certainty, of transmitting guarantees about the political, social and economic functioning of Argentina is the responsibility of the new president-elect and we hope that he will do so.”

Sergio Massa speaks to his followers in Buenos Aires. (EFE/Matias Martin Campaya).

“Today a stage in my political life ends. Surely life will bring me other tasks and responsibilities. But know that you will always count on me defending the values ​​of work, public education, national industry and federalism as central values ​​of Argentina,” she assured.

Massa expressed his gratitude to those who participated in the organization of the election day, to those who supported him with their vote and in active militancy during the campaign, and to his family.

He highlighted the “transparency” with which the elections were held and pointed out that this has been a “very long, difficult and even harsh” campaign that “I hope that, after forty years of democracy, Argentina will abandon forever.”

“This day today confirms that Argentina has a strong, solid, transparent democratic system that always respects the results,” he emphasized.

He vindicated his ideas in defense of the role of the State in matters of security, education and health, industry and workers, but recognized that Argentines “chose another path.”

Finally, Massa said that Argentina needs “State policy agreements, that the educational system, the labor system, the system of human rights guarantees, that the system of international relations of Argentina with the world must be agreements by which the country go through the next ten years.”

With 94.70% counted, Milei obtained 55.79% support (13,864,555 votes) and Massa 44.20% (10,983,642 votes).

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