Javier Miranda, famous impersonator of Juan Gabriel, died of COVID-19

(Photo: javiermiranda.tv / IG.)

Javier Miranda, the renowned imitator of the Mexican singer Juan Gabriel, passed away this Sunday, November 15 after suffering complications derived from Covid-19. This was confirmed in social networks by figures from the entertainment world such as Fernando Lozano, actor and host of the television program Directed People.

“Sad news … My dear Javier Miranda has just passed away … the best Juan Gabriel imitator”the presenter wrote on Twitter.

On November 10, the artist from Monterrey posted a video from a hospital bed, revealing that he had been admitted after testing positive for the coronavirus. In the images, he appeared connected to a respirator, and asked his followers to take extra precautions during the pandemic. According to local media, he was in the Hospital de Tierra y Libertad, in Nuevo León.

“Thank you to each of you who care about me. I’m very sad, you have to really want to, this is very difficult. To the people, please give it a lot, don’t think it’s a lie, it’s true “Miranda said in the video. return it, do it because yes I will need it. For now, God is with me, “he added.

(Photo: javiermiranda.tv / IG.)

(Photo: javiermiranda.tv / IG.)

After confirming the news of his death, artists and fans wrote messages in honor of the impersonator from Monterrey, who referred to himself as “The voice and image of Juan Gabriel”.

“RIP the best imitator of Juan Gabriel, Javier Miranda”, published on Twitter the “show man” Ernesto Chavana (@ErnestoChavana), who has more than 1.6 million followers on the social network.

“We will miss you friend Javier Miranda, voice and image of Juan Gabriel. Hug your family, DEP “, expressed Los Chicharrines (@LOSCHICHARRINES).

“Always cheerful, talented and respectful. We saw you fight this virus and send us blessings. You are great Javier Miranda my respect and admiration. A great artist is going to heaven, gentlemen. Minutes of applause and standing for Javier ”, wrote the user @angeldelpieroX.

“I saw it live and it was awesome. Javier Miranda was like seeing the real Juan Gabriel ”, user @Tirodopolus tweeted.

(Video: javiermiranda.tv / IG.)

For years the copycat was considered one of the best doubles of the “Divo de Juárez”. His talent allowed him to fill concerts, perform at private events, and become a well-loved artist for the public.

Throughout his career, he attended television programs on several occasions, such as the morning show “Hoy” on Televisa, or the shows that that network broadcasts in Monterrey. He even interpreted Las Mañanitas to the Virgin of Guadalupe in the Basilica.

On Saturday, November 14, the Federal Government’s Secretary of Health (Ssa) reported that In Mexico, a million cases of COVID-19 have already been registered, and 98,259 deaths. At the national level, 52,131 active cases are calculated, of which the majority are in Mexico City and the State of Mexico.

Show personalities, such as Sofía Castro, daughter of Angélica Rivera, Galilea Montijo, Paul Stanley, Leonardo Daniel, Ariel Miramontes, Andrea Escalona and her aunt Andrea Rodríguez, revealed in recent weeks that they tested positive for Covid-19.


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