Jean Castex announces aid of 150 euros for young beneficiaries of APLs and scholarship holders

Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that the aid of 150 euros unveiled this week for the most precarious people would be extended to young people benefiting from housing assistance as well as to scholarship students, in an interview in the Sunday Journal.

During his television interview on Wednesday, President Emmanuel Macron announced a “exceptional aid of 150 euros plus 100 euros per child” for “beneficiaries of RSA (active solidarity income) and APL (personalized housing assistance) – which suddenly affects all young people to a large extent, 18/25 year olds».

The Prime Minister’s entourage, however, clarified Thursday to AFP that only beneficiaries of the RSA and the specific solidarity allowance (ASS, for the unemployed at the end of their rights) would receive, before the end of the year, this aid of 150 euros, to which will be added 100 euros per child. The beneficiaries of the APL, them, were to receive only the premium of 100 euros per child.

Winter campaign

Associations fighting against insecurity had deplored that young people under 25, if they have no children, be excluded from the new system. “The government needs to refocus“, Had demanded on franceinfo the general delegate of the Abbé Pierre Foundation, Christophe Robert.

In his interview with the JDD, the head of government granted this request. “Regarding young people, I am announcing today that we are extending this aid to them: 150 euros will also be paid to the 400,000 young people who benefit from the APL and to scholarship students.“, He assures. Yes “the choice of the President of the Republic“Was”promote integration through work», «we are also fully aware of the fact that when an economic crisis strikes, it first and foremost hits precarious people and young people», Argues Jean Castex.

The Prime Minister specifies that he will present next week “Act II of the poverty strategy” of the government. This plan was to be unveiled on Saturday during a trip to Essonne, which he gave up following the beheading of a teacher from Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. “I can already tell you that the winter campaign, which usually begins on November 1, will begin today.“This Sunday, indicates the head of government. “This will allow the opening of accommodation places to ensure shelter from the start of the curfew.», He explains.

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