Jean Imbert in mourning: his poignant message his missing friend

This Friday August 7, 2020, the cook Jean Imbert unveiled a sad news story on his Instagram account. The one who made himself known in 2012 by participating in season 3 of Top chef has indeed lost a loved one. “Big thoughts for my friend Franck, who left us a few days ago”, he begins with emotion.

“He had lived alone on an island in Brittany opposite my house for 30 years. He was an incredible person, we arrived at his place, he put bars on the barbecue, cooked lobsters, langoustines, he spoke to us safeguarding the region, ecological commitment “, continues the 39-year-old chef. “I spent my summers at his place and in recent years we were the only ones that Franck accepted in the evening on his island to have a little party there”, remembers Jean Imbert with nostalgia. “We will never forget you Franck, even when you shouted at my daddy, we loved it, us children. A few moments and memories from the last two years”, he concludes, before revealing several videos on which he appeared with the deceased and his friends, including Marion Cotillard, enjoying good meals by the water and dancing happily.

Sad times for Top Chef cooks

Unfortunate coincidence, another candidate from Top chef also experienced the loss of someone close to him at the same time. It is Norbere Tarayre, who announced on the social network the death of a close friend, whom he considered to be his own sister. The latter, named Anne, was a mother of three children and a pastry chef by profession. The cook paid a poignant tribute to the one he affectionately nicknamed Cupcake, adding that he would watch over his family in his absence.

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