Jean-Louis Binche will no longer coach Binche at the end of the season

With D’Acchille, the Lions were P1 champions in 2019-2020 and moved up to D2ACFF this season.

Despite his desire to leave the bench, he could find another function within the Binchoise structure.

The press release

The management of RUS Binche has the duty to announce that Jean-Louis D’Acchille has expressed his desire not to return for a fifth season at the head of our “Lions”.

This decision is not the conclusion of a disagreement with our club. When he arrived at RUS Binche, Jean-Louis had never hidden from us that he was a “cycling man” and that, most likely, our club would be the last in which he would officiate as a man on the pitch.

Jean-Louis largely contributed to the sporting success of the launch of the “RUSB 2.0” with a title of champion in P1 in 2019-2020 then the rise in D2 amateurs via the final round 2021-2022.

In 4 years with our club, “Jean-Lou” has achieved unanimity both on a sporting and human level.

We therefore fully respect his decision, and we thank him already for the indelible mark he will leave in the history of the club.

Our future ex-coach has nevertheless confirmed his desire to stay close to the RUSB and the management will look in the coming weeks on the most profitable way to integrate him into our organization chart from next season.

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