Jeremy Renner responds to rumors of amputation of his leg

After he was injured on New Year’s Eve, while removing snow in front of his house, and underwent several surgeries, and rumors spread that he might have to amputate his leg, star Jeremy Renner announced that his health had improved, that he was discharged from the hospital, and returned home.

He referred to the improvement in his health, saying: I was very excited to watch episode 201 with my family at home, as he was referring to the premiere of the second season of Mayor of Kingstown.

During the recent period, some news spread that Jeremy Renner might need to amputate his leg, due to his deteriorating health, but Jeremy’s return to his home shows the opposite.

Jeremy Renner has been in the hospital since January 1, after he was involved in an accident while shoveling snow at his home in Lake Tahoe, where he underwent two surgeries after suffering blunt trauma to the chest and other injuries in separate parts of his body.

Recently, Jeremy Renner celebrated his 52nd birthday in the hospital, and wrote on his personal Twitter account, saying: I was surrounded by the medical staff, thanks to the ICU medical team.

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