Jérôme back, Helena Noguerra in the cast, new house… everything that awaits you in this season 12

The twelfth season of Clem arrives tonight on TF1. New plots, new characters and new scenery, the tribe finds itself for six new episodes.

The perky Clem (Lucie Lucas who recently confided in her burnout) and her tribe are back for a new season this Monday March 28 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1. There is no question of departing from the original spirit of fiction: the six unpublished episodes of Clem will question the family and the ties – of blood or of the heart – that are woven there. The first minutes of this season 12 open with a happy move into the new house of the couple Clem-Matthieu (indispensable Loup-Denis Elion for his sense of comedy!) and their respective children, Val and Izia. A happy prospect before an old character comes to put his two cents in it.

François-David Cardonnel as Jérôme, Helena Noguerra as a teacher

Indeed, in the couple’s guest room soon settles… Jérôme, Clem’s ex-husband. Back after five years in South Africa, he comes to take care of their daughter Emma, ​​who has just entered 6th grade and is in the midst of a teenage crisis. His arrival could well sow confusion in the head of Clem. Surprise: the character takes on the features of Francois-David Cardonnel (revealed in 2006 by Koh-Lanta and has since become an actor), replacing Benoît Michel. In parallel, Helena Noguerra, another newcomer, plays Iris Kahn, a charismatic and venomous art teacher who tries to take advantage of her ascendancy over Valentin (Thomas Chomel). Further back in this season, Adrian, Clem’s brother played by Augustine Galiana, retrieves his diary from his late father’s belongings. Something to lift the veil on his last secrets. An assertive female firefighter, Salomé (Josephine Berry), Clem’s little sister, is offered the co-management of the barracks. A promotion that she welcomes with apprehension and pride.

Seniors on deck

As for the dashing seniors, viewers will find Michel (Jean Dell), freshly retired. The sexagenarian intends to make the most of the company of his wife Marie-France (Carole Richert), who didn’t wait for him to have a busy schedule. An incredible proposal will shake up the couple’s cushy life, putting Marie-France in the spotlight. To help her make the right choices, she can count on the advice of her friend Nathalie (Christian Reali).

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