Jessi Uribe and why the relationship with Sandra Barrios ended

Jessi Uribe and Paola Jara they continue to star in various musical moments in their careers as artists, and some romantic moments in their relationship. The couple has shown several details surrounding their love and the union that is almost one year old.

Despite the fact that in different dynamics of social networks popular singers have talked about their courtship, the love they feel and the personal plans they have in this process, recently, Jessi Uribe He caught the attention of the users of these platforms when talking about his ex-partner Sandra Barrios.

In a live broadcast he made on his official Instagram account, a follower was interested in know the reason why the artist ended his marriage with the mother of his children and began a new stage in his life.

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According to what the interpreter of ‘Let’s kill the desire’, their love break occurred because it was time and it was no one’s fault, things were no longer flowing and everything had to end. In the same way, he affirmed that it was not the fault of third parties, since they were problems in the marriage.

“Why is it over? Because if, Many blame Pao, but it is not like that, it could have happened with another woman and that’s it. It was the moment, for each one God knows why he does things and each one is living his super life”, Said the Colombian artist in this live.

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On the other hand, Jessi He talked about his children, who really are the most important thing in his past relationshipBut he emphasized that the children are already clear that their parents have other families and everything works well.

“The most important thing is the children and they are super well, and my children know that everyone has their family and that the most important thing is them“Added the singer.


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