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At the beginning of the new year of 2022, the Shaocheng Era officially announced-rapper and musician Jiang Yunsheng joined Shaocheng Era, officially opening the “Jiang Yunsheng” 4.0 era, and work together to build a new musical territory.

Jiang Yunsheng, born in 1996, has been exposed to rap music since 2011. After ten years of continuous hard work and unremitting efforts, he has won impressive achievements and reputation in the industry, and won numerous rap competition awards. In 2020, the rap music program ” “The New Generation of Rap” entered the public view with the titles of “National Top Nine” and “Rapper of the Year”. In terms of rap style, Jiang Yunsheng has always insisted on preserving his own personal characteristics, and his words are plain but touching. His flow is self-contained, and his melody is unique. Many popular works such as “Romanticism”, “Fame”, “You Definitely Be Who You Want to Be” aroused strong resonance and discussion. As of December 2021, the cumulative broadcast volume of individual works on major music platforms has exceeded 2.2 billion.

As we all know, the fourth music rap label under Shaocheng Times has excellent hip-hop singers such as Xie Di, Wang Yitai, and Packer. On December 18, 2021, Jiang Yunsheng and Wang Yitai co-wrote the eternal propaganda song “The Selection of Heaven”. The song was widely acclaimed once it was launched. Wang Yitai’s heroic Melody paired with Jiang Yunsheng’s elegant and chivalrous Flow to bring this song. Here comes the effect of 1+1>2. As a well-known hip-hop label in the industry, Fourth Music has been committed to providing a broader platform for domestic rappers and building a bridge to international resources and the mainstream market. Today, Jiang Yunsheng joined the Shaocheng Times, aiming to present music fans with a more perfect interpretation of personal ideas and understanding of rap music.

In 2022, I look forward to Jiang Yunsheng and Shaocheng Times working hand in hand to open up a new music path that belongs to him!

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