Jian’ou City’s 2023 Spring Recruit Symposium and Farewell Conference Held-County Style-Southeast Net

Southeast Net News, March 17th (correspondent Kang Minqiang, Chen Dequan, Lin Renhua) It is another year when soldiers are dispatched, and the passionate man sets sail and embarks on a journey. Recently, Jian’ou City’s 2023 Spring Recruit Symposium and Farewell Conference was held. With the ardent expectations of their hometown elders and the best wishes of their relatives and friends, the recruits set off to the north and south of the motherland to start their military career. Wu Wei, Mayor of Jian’ou Municipal Government, He Xiaofang, Member of the Standing Committee of Jian’ou Municipal Party Committee and Political Commissar of the Municipal People’s Armed Forces Department, Wu Qiyang, Minister of Jian’ou Municipal People’s Armed Forces Department, etc. attended.

At the scene of the farewell meeting, the military songs were loud and clear, and the passionate youths of Jian’ou City in military uniforms were ready to go. Wu Wei, on behalf of the Jian’ou Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government and the folks of Jian’ou, congratulated the 61 young friends who have become honorable soldiers after strict assessment, extended sincere greetings to the families of the recruits, and paid tribute to the hard work for the conscription work Thanks to the staff.

Wu Wei said that a good man has ambitions in all directions. As a soldier in the new era, he must always keep in mind the requirements of “obeying the party’s command, being able to win battles, and having a good style of work”, inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition of the people’s army, and be a qualified soldier with responsibility and pursuit. Soldiers, give face and glory to the elders in their hometown; establish a firm belief in being brave to endure hardships and taking pleasure in suffering, and take root in the relatively difficult army environment as soon as possible. Wu Wei said that the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will, as always, firmly implement various policies of supporting the military and giving priority to subordinates, so as to solve the worries of the recruits and let them focus on defending their homes and the country.

Wu Wei encouraged recruits to set out with the hopes of the Jian’ou people, the expectations of their families and their own dreams of joining the army, looking up at the stars, keeping their feet on the ground, and sweating on the training ground, using practice to test, improve, and compete. Regret youth to create achievements worthy of choice.

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