Jio Baby on Mammootty’s involvement in Kathal movie

2023-11-25 09:19:00

Director Jio Baby talks about Mammootty’s involvement during the shoot of Kathal The Core movie. Jio Baby said that some scenes will be changed and Mammootty’s interventions have been made in the design of the interval and climax. Jio Baby added that they scrapped the area they had written and wrote another one and it was all good. He was speaking in an interview given to the reporter channel.

‘I went to Mammooka after working with Adarsh ​​and Paulson. He changes our thinking a lot. ‘What is that scene like that, it should have been like this. Mammooka had asked many such questions.

There was a change in the design of its interval. There was a change in the designing of the climax. Pulli has made very precise interventions there. They don’t talk much to each other, we make up the rest when Pulli tells us that eye contact is enough. We are tearing down the area that we had built up to that point and doing something else, but it is good.

Mammooka says it will be a sentence. For example, have you ever seen a shot through a car mirror? My favorite shot is the short one in the mirror. That shot is actually Mammooka coming up to the car, and that’s how I wrote it.

Then Mammooka said ‘I don’t want to walk, I can stay here’. I feel terrible beauty in that position. There is a big change when you look at the place where Mammooka says that you can stop walking. I know Mammooka won’t say no when she says she can stay. He is playing that character. It still makes me sad to see it. So he has intervened in many places,’ says Jio Baby.

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