JMART firmly joins hands with BTS to penetrate Synergy to expand business on prime locations in BTS stations : InfoQuest

Mr. Adisak Sukhumvitya, Chief Executive Officer of Jay Mart Public Company Limited (JMART), said that the cooperation with the BTS Group (BTS), although in the past year has not yet seen cooperation occur. very much, but in the year ’66, the synergy will continue to occur together and become clearer Continuing from last year Especially in the insurance business that will continue to have more cooperation with Rabbit Life Insurance, a subsidiary of Rabbit Holdings Public Company Limited (RABBIT), which is considered a business that can grow for Jay. Mart and the outstanding BTS from the past year continues to this year.

While the expansion of the sales area of ​​Jay Mart and the area of ​​BTS SkyTrain serviced in 2023 will be increased. From last year there were only 3 branches, but in the year 2023 there will be another 30 branches. In the past, the company has planned and found ways to develop a store format that meets the needs of customers who use the BTS service, which are employees. office and need speed Make the form of buying products in stores on the BTS station must be fast. In particular, credit approval takes only 3 minutes, including the presence of Thailand’s leading mobile network partner, AIS, to supplement sales. Make the store model that will be opened on the BTS station more robust.

In addition, CASA LAPIN’s coffee shops will be opened on BTS stations by using some areas of TURTLE stores in BTS stations to synergy, which Jay Mart holds shares in Nation Plc. international Edutainment (NINE) and bring Gadget products sold in Jay Mart stores to be sold in TURTLE stores, which will be another distribution channel for Jay Mart products to reach more customers. And can reach more target customers as well

“Jay Mart remains strong with BTS. Although in the previous year the cooperation may not have seen a very clear picture. But this year, after we have worked together fully and are ready, we will see various Synergy that are driven together between Jaymart and BTS. Especially the BTS sky train service area, which is considered a golden location. Mr. Adisak said

By InfoQuest News Agency (February 16, 2023)

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