Joe Burrow needs patience, Bengals moved in number 1 for a reason

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Carson Palmer knows exactly what Joe Burrow has in store as he prepares to join the Bengals as the first choice in the NFL draft. And Palmer believes it will take Burrow some time to turn the franchise over.

Palmer, the first to move in from the Bengals in 2003, says Burrow needs to be patient with himself and patience from everyone else to help the league’s worst team rebuild last year.

“If you get shot at in Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, just keep fighting,” Palmer said of Arizona Sports 98.7. “Because they are a few steps behind in terms of personnel. There’s a reason why they’re designing # 1 because they’re a couple of years away. Just come in and know that it’s a tough start. But if he starts from a national championship, from all the success he has had at college level, his work ethic may lead to the development of a culture there that has a certain level of commitment, a certain level of work ethic and expertise as well Professionalism He can bring along, and I hope that affects all the guys around him. “

The Bengals showed a lot of patience with Palmer, who never appeared on the field as a rookie. Burrow will not get that much patience, but he will likely go through the usual rookie growing pains and he will certainly lose a lot more games in Cincinnati than in the LSU.

Carson Palmer: Joe Burrow needs patience, Bengals designed number 1 for a reason that originally appeared on Pro Football Talk


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