Joel Embiid breaks a franchise record and dethrones … Wilt Chamberlain

“It comes back to my memory, familiar memories. I remember my black blouse, when I was a schoolboy. On the way to school, I sang at the top of my voice, romances without words, old songs… from the past”. Common point of this music with Joel Embiid? Everyone knows her. Yeah, we don’t crowd too much on our chapôs.

Joel Hans Embid. Ah, you didn’t know his middle name was Hans, did you? That’s not the main point.

Last night, the Cameroonian interior scored 31 points at 10/15 shooting on the Pacers floor. Victory for Philly, the eighth consecutive, once again brought by a construction site of the Cameroonian. Most impressive ? By achieving this performance, Joel Embiid became the first player in Sixers history to pose nine consecutive games to at least 30 points. Even more impressive? He didn’t even play in the 4th quarter of five of those games. The even more impressive of the even more impressive? The previous record holders – for there were two – were none other than Allen Iverson and Wilt Chamberlain. For Iverson it’s OK, the guy was 1m73 and an XL child fell to his knees, but for Wilt Chamberlain, this is more serious. When Wilt appears in a discussion of record, it is often to notify his first place. We would have to send LeBron to Australian D2 to drop his craziest numbers. And yet, Joel Embiid managed to put it in the retro. Well, Wilt only wore the Sixers jersey from ’64 to ’68, but that’s it. Joel Embiid’s achievement comes amidst a cascade of good news. The Sixers recovered the Celtics’ 2nd place in the East. Embiid has become a favorite of bookmakers in the race for the MVP trophy. James Harden plays real managerial basketball. Doc Rivers has never had so much control over his group. All is well in the best of all possible worlds.

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