John Wall recounts his journey through the desert over the past three years

New Clippers player since this summer, John Wall finds a smile after several difficult years. Between serious injuries and family deaths, the All-Star leader looks back on this particularly dark period of his life.

Only 72 games played for four years, an entire season in the closet on the side of Houston, it is to say if the career of John Wall has seen better days. Seriously injured then transferred and sidelined, the leader saw his bonus scroll from the infirmary or the bench. While he will be celebrating his 32nd birthday in a few days, Jean Mur knows that he has come a long way, very far even. We often equate players with their accomplishments on the pitch, their successes but also their failures, but we forget that there is a person behind, someone who may experience personal problems. Because yes, not only John Wall was in the hard because of his career but he was also going through a bad patch on the family level. Present at an event co-organized by his foundation and the Salvation Army, the leader gave his vision of the past three years. Comments reported by the media Clutch Points.

“The darkest period of my life. At one point, I thought about killing myself. I mean, just the Achilles tendon tear, my sick mother, my deceased mother, my deceased grandmother a year later, all in the middle of COVID and at the same time. I was going to chemotherapy, I was sitting next to my mother as she breathed her last. I wore the same clothes for three days straight, lying on the couch sobbing. »

Strong terms from Wall who, like DeMar DeRozan or Kevin Love before him, has therefore agreed to open up about the most difficult moments of his life. Fortunately, the new Doc Rivers player was not alone in going through these trials and, having overcome them, he knows that he came out stronger.

“I have a lot of support behind me. My team, the mother of my children has been great, my two boys are my motivation. I look at all this and say to myself: “If I can get through this, I can overcome anything in life”. And I don’t like to brag about it, seriously. As if everyone was going through something. We all go through periods, no one has it easy, but I don’t think many people could go through what I went through.

And for me to get back to the top where I want to be and see that the fans still want me to play, to have the support of my hometown, that important time means a lot. I went to find a therapist. A lot of people think I don’t need help, I can get by anytime, but you have to stay true to yourself and find what’s best for you. »

This dark period now behind him, Wall can now look forward to happier days. Signed by the Clippers, he arrives in a team that has the weapons to aim very high. Not seen on the court for more than a year, the player has maintained himself well to put the odds on his side and the first returns from LA seem to indicate that the player is in good shape and sharp. We know the guy and all the talent he is able to bring out on a basketball court, now remains to prove that he can become who he was. During a live a few weeks ago, Paul George had also explained that he was eager to play with Wall and that he already seemed to be at an excellent level.. Perfect for hyper a little more a Clippers team that will have everything from the scarecrow to the West. With John Wall at 100% of his means to surround Kawhi Leonard, PG and all the soldiers already in place, Steve Balmer can dream big.

John Wall has been through some tough times over the past three years, but the All-Star point guard seems to be at peace with himself again. A great season for his return to the NBA courts, that’s all the harm we wish him.

Source texte : Clutch Points

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