Johnny Depp pays $ 850,000 in court fees

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Appointment with the orthopedic surgeon

American President-elect Joe Biden twisted his foot while playing with one of his dogs. As a purely precautionary measure, an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon had been made for the 78-year-old, his office announced on Sunday. Biden was playing with his dog Major on Saturday when he bent over. The Bidens have had the dog since 2018. They bought their first dog, Champ, after the 2008 election, in which Biden was elected vice president. In addition to Champ and Major, Biden and his wife Jill also want to get a cat and take all the animals into the White House. The 78-year-old will be the oldest American president ever to take office when he takes his oath in January. His health will be closely monitored by both his supporters and his opponents.


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