Johnson recommends reading the agreement after the Christmas lunch

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, has recommended that the British take advantage of the “sleepy” moment that follows the Christmas lunch to read carefully the agreement reached on Thursday “in extremis” with the EU on the future relationship between London and Brussels.

“I have a small gift for those who are looking for something to read in that sleepy moment after the Christmas meal, here it is,” said the ‘premier’, in a video broadcast on Twitter on the occasion of Christmas Eve, showing the agreement for the bilateral relationship once Brexit is consummated.

Johnson has explained that, if the agreement on the transition period was the “appetizer” this last agreement is “the feast.” “Full of fish,” he pointed out, referring to what was agreed in relation to fishing, which has been one of the main obstacles.

The tenant of 10 Downing Street has described it as a “gift” to the British because “it will give security to entrepreneurs, investors and travelers from 1 January”.

“I think it will be the basis for a happy, successful and stable relationship with our friends in the European Union for the next few years,” he added.

Johnson has taken the opportunity to emphasize to the British the importance of maintaining anticovid measures during these holidays. “Next Christmas there will be people alive, people we love, precisely because we made sacrifices and we do not celebrate this Christmas normally,” he stressed.


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