Jonnathan Marín, former mayor of Guanta, was part of the Rafael Ramírez Corruption Network

Aular, who was PDVSA Vice President of Finance, assured that Jonnathan Marín, former mayor of Guanta who is a fugitive, was part of the Rafael Ramírez Corruption Network. I was working with him for, in an eventual presidential candidacy.

“I want to report on some corruption traps that are being investigated with Mr. Jhonnathan Marín, former mayor of Guanta in Anzoátegui state,” Aular declared.

He assured that in 2016, Jhonnathan Marín contacted him, by telephone, to meet and request advice for a project of which he would be informed upon arrival in Venezuela.

“In 2016 while I was doing some studies in New York, he (Jonnathan Marín) contacted me by phone, I met with him at the Four Seasons hotel in New York. He told me that my phone number had been given to him by Minister Rafael Ramírez, then ambassador to the United Nations,” added the former PDVSA Vice President of Finance.

He revealed that Jhonnathan Marín was in the United States (USA) creating a political team, which, according to his statements, was working together with Rafael Ramírez for a presidential candidacy.

“He was working on that team and supported that option for Rafael Ramírez’s candidacy. He specifically explained to me what the project was for which he needed the financing, it was a company of his called Construcciones y Servicios Amunsa, whose representative was the Patricia Amundarain, who accompanied him to that meeting,” he said.

He also stated that one of the projects that Petroleos maintained in Ecuador.

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