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Jordan – The discovery of a new threat that exposes millions of Android phones to…

(MENAFN– Al Wakeel News) The news agent – Cyber ​​security researchers have revealed a new threat that exposes millions of Android phones to dangerous electronic attacks, after finding multiple security holes in processors made by the Taiwanese company MediaTek, enabling Internet hackers to eavesdrop on unsuspecting users.

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According to the technical website “techradar”, the team of experts at Check Point for cybersecurity discovered security flaws within the audio processor used in all modern MediaTek mobile processors, which affect 37% of smartphones running the Android operating system in the world.

After changing the characteristics of the reverse engineering of the MediaTek audio processor, the security team at Check Point were able to detect the security flaws, and explained that the problem lies in the Artificial Intelligence Processing Unit (APU) and the Digital Audio Signal Processor (DSP) integrated with MediaTek processors, both of which have custom architectures. for the microprocessor.

The Check Point research team warned of the possibility of linking security vulnerabilities to each other to enable attackers to exploit them to spy on owners of modern Android devices, and they immediately informed MediaTek, which specializes in the manufacture of electronic chips, which has since issued a special patch to fix the discovered vulnerabilities. .
The Check Point team explains that the threat actor can exploit the mentioned vulnerabilities and install a malicious application on Android phones, which uses the MediaTek API to attack a library that allows them to obtain microphone permissions to access the audio driver.

Meanwhile, the malicious application with system privileges for Android phones sends messages made to the audio driver to execute code in the audio processor firmware, enabling it to pick up the audio that passes through the DSP.

The Taiwanese company MediaTek confirmed that it had not found any evidence of exploiting the vulnerability by attackers on Android phones.

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