Jorge Lanata on the festivities in Olivos: “If the Government closes this issue like the VIP Vaccination, we will face another slap of impunity”

In the case for violation of quarantine, the President cannot be judge and party. The fact of proposing a repair as if everything was already finished is incredibly superb. Pride that manifests itself in its worst moment of image and credibility. On the one hand he says that it is not a crime and on the other that he wants to repair. What do you propose to repair if you say there is no damage because there was no crime? This is not fixed with silver.

Nobody wants the president to go to prison. It could not, on the other hand, without a political trial, because it has immunity.

The meetings in Olivos during 2020 were not limited to Fabiola’s birthday and need explanation or condemnation. It is clear that not all of them had to do with the essential work of the authorities and, at least several, were for social reasons. Each one of them was a mockery of people.

If the Government closes this issue as the VIP Vaccination, we will face another slap of impunity.

A teacher ranted against Mauricio Macri in front of his students at a school in La Matanza.

As the icing on the cake, this week Alberto endorsed the militant teacher yelling at a student arguing about Macri. He said the debate was fine with him. What we saw was not a debate, it was a supposed teacher abusing her authority and trying to impose a mandatory knowledge.

Even Minister Trotta had to speak out against the teacher and once again they let him pay. Tolosa Paz, in campaign mode, did the same.

When someone yells it is difficult for them to be right, and yelling in a classroom goes against the very essence of education. In general a teacher needs to yell when respect is lost. In that, both the deranged teacher and the president look alike.. Perhaps that is why he defends her, because now he needs to shout to be heard.

The PPT monologue

The public returns to the courts, the state officials return to work and Mirtha came back last night. They say that he is thinking of inviting Alberto, but they doubt that he will go because Alberto prefers to be interrupted by Cristina.

Alberto, as Mirtha says: how they see you they treat you, if they see you badly they mistreat you, and If you continue as before, by 2023, they will not hire you. A kiss for Mirtha.

Professor Alberto Fernández outlined an unusual defense for the olivosgate festival. He said: “Since there was no spread, there was no crime.” Following this reasoning, we could also say that if you shoot a missile at a plane with 500 passengers and miss it, it is not a crime. This week Alberto gave virtual classes at the UBA. When he logged on he said, “Did you see what I explained to you over the last few years? Well, it’s not that soooo ”. What Alberto dictates is “crime theory” and what he exercises is “practice.”

To all this, the former mayor of Avellaneda and current minister Jorge Ferraresi asked for Alberto’s re-election. Said: “Our project is 8 years of Alberto Fernández”. After hearing this Ferraresi called him Purita, the intern, Do you remember ?, and he said: “Jorge, please, let’s be serious.”

Ferraresi was not the only one, Alberto Daniel Arroyo, Fréderic, Zabaleta and the governor of Catamarca also went to bank. All that remains is for Greenpeace to come out with a campaign: instead of “let’s save the environment” it would be “let’s save the half-president.”

Last Sunday we told you that the government benefited José “Pepe” Albistur in the distribution of official advertising: in 2020 it gave 35 million pesos to its public signage companies, much more than to its competitors. Pepe Albístur is, you know, a close friend of Alberto and husband of the candidate Victoria Tolosa Paz.

The distribution of official advertising is always discretionary. This week we discovered another: the excessive pattern and the contracts for advertising content given to the militant journalist of the K cause Roberto Navarro. And as the saying goes, favor with favor pays.

The award to produce digital content for the Government in networks went to the Navarro production company and another company that is dedicated to the field. It is a “framework agreement” for one year, which can be extended for another year. So Navarro could take even more money than those initial 64 million pesos.

The photo of Fabiola Yañez’s birthday in Olivos that sparked the scandal.

The guests at the birthday of “my dear Fabiola” are like the characters in a reality show: when they leave the house, we talk about their lives; and in a couple of months we don’t even remember who they are. For example, Sofía Pacchi.

The government had said that he no longer worked with “my dear Fabiola”, so on Wednesday he went back to work at La Rosada. They realized it was her because she arrived with a bottle of champagne in hand. Now that spring is coming we can see her sunbathing in the courtyard of the palm trees.

Poor “my dear Fabiola”, the next birthday is going to be a downturn. Not even Dylan is going to want to go. In the WhatsApp group for Fabiola’s birthday instead of ‘happy birthday’ now it only reads: “left the group”, “left the group”, “left the group”.

We continue to discover visits to olive trees during the strict quarantine. For example, that of Yamila Chamma, a plastic surgeon. It was on May 4, 2021 for 5 hours. Seeing Alberto’s face, we already know that it was not for him.

There were 148 visits related to hairdressing, fashion, exercise, coaching and aesthetic services. In addition to being a party room, it seems that Olivos also functioned as a spa.

Another friend of Fabiola’s who was in Olivos during the quarantine was Claudia Silvero. Silvero entered 15 times in total and even celebrated his birthday with his children on November 15, 2020. There you can see that that day, in addition to Silvero and his family, Fernando Consagra and Emanuel López also entered.

But since we are already tired of the birthday celebrations, what caught our attention was the meeting they held on August 31st. That same month, Claudia accidentally got a position in the binational entity Yacyretá. Have they gotten together to celebrate the new job?

Fabiola with Claudia Silvero and two friends Agustina Alfonzo and Ramona da Rosa

There you see Fabiola with Claudia and two other friends: Agustina Alfonzo and Ramona da Rosa. Apparently, according to what we can see in the photo, they all kept their distance and there is even a spray alcohol on the table. But after a while and a few glasses of wine, things happened.

Silvero and Agustina Alfonzo also took pictures of each other hanging poor Dylan, who no longer knows how to cut himself off Olivos. Agustina is the daughter of Ramón Alfonzo, a well-known pharmacist from Misiones who was also twice in Olivos with Claudia Silvero. First on August 20, during the strict and mandatory quarantine. And then on February 8 of this year.

Fabiola Yáñez’s friends along with Dyan. Photo: PPT

The video of a K teacher indoctrinating students in a school in La Matanza appeared. The school has already taken measures with the teacher: just in case, they padded the walls of the teachers’ room. Before this lady teaches you, it is preferable to take reading classes with Moyano.

How good that Alberto is seducing the young vote, right? “This serves to open the debate,” he said. The debate is whether the teacher is a fanatic or just crazy. The two to the final.

Since Alberto likes to organize events in Olivos, he could invite her to a dinner with Raúl Rizzo and hook him up. Speaking of dinners, the one who had a bad time last night was the former minister Ginés González García. He went to dinner at the Marcelo restaurant in Puerto Madero and they scanned him.

Gines, you remember, resigned in February over the VIP Vaccination scandal. This is the second time this has happened to him: in March he had to leave a restaurant in San Telmo.

The electoral campaign follows, that moment in which the candidates strive to shame and almost always succeed.

Here we see Espert who was photographed with a Rappi delivery backpack. And he wrote that he was going underground in Olivos. “Tomorrow 6.30 pm is the #clandeenolivos. I receive orders, what do we carry? ” We already saw him dancing cumbia, here as Rappi, next week the aquadance is coming in the Reconquista river.

Candidate José Luis Espert dressed in a Rappi backpack.

Candidate K, Tolosa Paz, says that with 2,000 pesos you can buy a pair of sneakers. Then he redoubled the bet and tweeted a Mercado Libre publication with some sneakers for less than two lucas, but they were for boys. It’s a matter of will, you cut your fingers and bye.

In an act of María Eugenia Vidal, it was seen how Iglesias puts his hand inside his pants, checking if the companions were or not. Deputy OIliveto sticks a finger up her nose. The nose goes and passes but Iglesias: do you have to scratch your balls on stage?

Another curiosity of the campaign: Osvaldo Jaldo, deputy governor of Tucumán, is about to enter the Guinness of records. Since 2000 he was elected provincial deputy five times and never took office.

He was with Governor Miranda, they fought and then he went to Alperovich – yes, the accused for sexual abuse – and he did the same thing again: fight and not assume. Six years ago he was deputy governor of Juan Manzur and 60 days ago he broke with Manzur to run again as a candidate for deputy but he has already warned that he will not assume because he wants to be governor in 2023. Jaldo, a clear case of political vocation.


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