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Luka Jovic, 22, has an unexpected problem that complicates his future at Real Madrid. This season has not shone. He has really played 771 minutes, ten real games per time, although in statistics he has participated in 24 games, in portions, like the cheeses.

In those 771 minutes he has scored two goals, he has given one, they have canceled two goals and he has shot the posts four times. Now, his social situation in Belgrade, victim of a criminal complaint, is an aggravation for his future. The closure of the Serbian border is another impediment.

His little contribution to Real Madrid is a handicap for the boy. And his social reality in Belgrade is harsh. He has lost forgiveness for violating the quarantine on his land.

Luka Jovic lives a hard personal reality. The footballer flew last Thursday to Bijeljina, his hometown, with permission from Real Madrid. He wanted to be with his girlfriend, Sofia Milosevic, pregnant, and the baby they are expecting, who has health problems. He traveled by “medical prescription”, signed by Niko Mihic, head of the entity’s medical services. He is the only professional from Real Madrid who has been allowed to return to his country when the club ordered its professionals to go home to quarantine and train at home on “TeleDupont”.

Niko Mihic, head of Real Madrid’s medical services, allowed him to fulfill the quarantine in Belgrade for “medical prescription”, as he suffers from depression that is fueled precisely by not being with his girlfriend, Sofía Milosevic, and his baby, who also has health problems. Jovic wanted to be with them

Jovic moved in a private plane, two days before the state of alarm in Spain, to avoid the massive contact of a regular flight. Why was he allowed to leave by prescription? Niko Mihic made that concession because Jovic, an introvert, only in Madrid, without adapting to Spanish life, suffers from a depression that is precisely fueled by his solitude in the capital of Spain. His introversion delved into the problem. He wanted to be with his baby and with his partner.

But Serbian police accuse him of violating the Belgrade quarantine and a criminal complaint has been filed against him. You can be fined. Real Madrid will take action and sanction you if it happens in Serbia.

As the local press explains, Luka Jovic, Nikola Ninjovic, an Ascoli player, and other national soccer professionals returned to their land and violated the quarantine, when it has been demanded to keep a confinement in the places where they usually live.

He is the only player that Real Madrid has allowed to return to his nation to meet quarantine.

The authorities of the nation criticize precisely that no less than 45,000 emigrants who have returned to Serbia at this time “and can spread the coronavirus in our country.”

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic has been very tough, without naming names: “We have negative examples of our soccer stars who charge millions and ignore the mandatory isolation upon returning home.” Brnabic and other leaders have urged all citizens to refrain from returning to the country to limit the spread of the virus. Many of the 45,000 people who returned ignored the isolation orders. Serbia asks for a home confinement for all its emigrants of a minimum of fourteen days.

His father denies it: “My son did nothing wrong”
The Blic newspaper claims that Jovic was one of them, as he celebrated his girlfriend’s birthday in the capital: “Instead of isolating himself, he had fun all over Belgrade.” The Informer newspaper was tough: Luka did something very stupid. He left the Madrid and club quarantines and despite the warnings returned to Serbia and celebrated Sofia’s birthday on the streets of Belgrade ».

His father, Milan Jovic, reacted: «I do not know if it is a campaign against Luka, I guarantee that my son obeys the rules, he does not leave the house, except to the market to buy food. Luka is good, the image that the media gives of him is not real. It looks like he killed someone. He came to Serbia with the club’s permission and did nothing wrong. This can affect your career. ”

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic referred to the Jovic and Ninkovic cases, without mentioning them, and it was very hard: “One is in a hotel (Ninkovic) and the other is in his apartment (Jovic). If either of you leaves these premises, you will be arrested. I think they both regret what they have done, but I will make it clear to them that the lives of our people are much more important than their millions. Despite everything, we are not going to crucify anyone ».

Now, the Slavic country has closed the borders without giving a date when they will reopen. Jovic is trapped in Serbia and has no option of returning to Spain for an undetermined time. This morning the local government led by Aleksandar Vucic has decreed the closure of the borders. As occurs in many countries around the European Union, only returnees can enter the country. The measure has been taken without a date for returning to normal. The period that the Real Madrid striker will have to remain in his country is, therefore, unknown.

Yesterday the Interior Minister confirmed on television that there were criminal complaints against 80 people, including known “athletes and millionaires”. And locked up, trapped at its borders. .


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