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Juan ‘Chilcano’ Reynoso (Miguel Moreno) in his first interview with the press He said that he accepts being called ‘big head’, as long as it is with ‘affection’ as Nectar says, and reiterated that discipline will be his bannerWell, the barbers, magicians or inclined elbows for the soccer players of our selection are over.

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Professor, do I call you that or do I call you stubborn of affection?

Hello, don’t worry, now I’m a big head, sorry, I mean another Juan, more mature. So just call me a big head… but a big head, as Nectar would say, with love.

In a chat that appeared on networks, you talk with the players and, in the style of the squid game, eliminate those who ask you to travel with their barbers, motivators, magicians… Will it be so drastic with the ‘tigers’?

Discipline will be fundamental in the national team, if I find a drunk or ‘hungover’ footballer in training I headbutt him and make him disappear and if he wants to bring people into the concentration camp as punishment I have them wash my hat. That’s how drastic I’ll be.

Will you want them to continue calling the selected ones ‘tigers’?

No, not anymore, now the ‘mitrons’ or the ‘talking heads’, but always with love or the squash.

The Israeli fan and the ‘ghost’ follow the team and Gareca had the cabal of the bride, what will be yours?

Well, I have my own cabal and it will touch my hat before every game, but not only I will touch it. I will put it at the door of the stadium so that all the people who will go to watch the games can touch it, of course next to the door so that people can enter.

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Finally, are we going to qualify for the 2026 World Cup?

We are going to qualify and we will be at the top in the next World Cup. I promise you for all the hairdressers who cut my hair and for all the bottles of shampoo I use to wash my head… I swear, big-headed Juan ‘Chilcano’ Reynoso.


Michael Moreno, Throughout his career, he has not only imitated athletes and technical directors, but also personalities from Peruvian politics such as ‘Martin Vizcacha’ and parodied, in his own style, the notorious theme ‘My baby son son’.

Mr. Vizcacha, do you consider yourself a ‘Baby fiu fiu’?

Of course, I am a baby because I have all my shots. In addition, now my baby girls have increased and they even give me bottles, pacifiers and diapers.

How about the song being a viral hit and even Bad Bunny sings it?

Bad Bunny, but not only him, they have also told me that he sings it Alejandro Sanz, Raphael And till Nestor Villanueva... I am an interprovincial success.

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Would you dare to release your own version? Who would you like to have as a muse in a video clip?

Sure, I’m preparing my next video clip, I’m thinking of hiring Melissa, since she’s good at acting and by the way I’ll help her with a little job.

Do you consider yourself the ultimate romantic?

I am the ultimate romantic, so I take this opportunity to send greetings to all my little girls throughout Peru and the world; and promise that I will vaccinate all of them as I did in my government.

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