Juan Rodríguez, defender of Talleres: We lost, but we played a good game

Juan Rodríguez, one of Talleres’ outstanding players in the 1-2 loss against Vélez, appreciated the team’s reaction in the second half. “Nobody likes to lose, but beyond the defeat I think we played a great game,” he said before TNT Sports.

“I think that there… we entered a bit… I don’t know if we were not focused… but they entered more attentive. And, well, they found the first goal. And then we had specific errors… But we have to keep working. With the expulsion, the game became very uphill for us ”, Rodríguez expanded.

When asked if Talleres can fight for the championship, he declared: “Yes, yes. We came from four victories, but this time the game cost us a lot… we didn’t make a quick start… and we have to continue because this is game by game. We had a test that we wanted to pass and we couldn’t”.

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