Juan Schiaretti doubled the PASO votes: “Our coalition expressed federalism”

2023-10-23 04:20:00

The presidential candidate of We Do for Our Country, Juan Schiaretticame in fourth place in the general elections. The governor of Córdoba obtained 6.86% of the votes and celebrated having doubled the numbers of the primaries, which will allow his space to access more seats in Congress to serve as a comptroller against the next government.

With just over 98% of the tables counted, the presidential elections gave the winner to Sergio Massa, from Unión por la Patria, who will face off in a runoff with Javier Milei, from La Libertad Avanza, on November 19. Patricia Bullrich was in the race and, in fourth place, Juan Schiaretti, who captured 1,783,006 votes.

Juan Schiaretti and Florencio Randazzo.

The formula made up of Schiaretti and Florencio Randazzo almost doubled the result of the PASO, since they had obtained 3.83%, which will enable them to occupy three seats in Congress. Surprised by his good electoral performance, Schiaretti gave a speech in his opposition role as the representative “of the interior” who will promote the “federal agenda.”

What Juan Schiaretti said

“We held a contest at stake and won three and I also want to tell you that our coalition at the national level expressed federalism. We were the voices of the productive interiorwith Florencio Randazzo who is from Chivilcoy and me from here, from our Córdoba,” said the governor from the Hotel Quórum in the capital of Córdoba.

In addition, Schiaretti congratulated the two candidates who will compete in the runoff, Massa and Milei, after knowing the official results, and highlighted that “no one is going to have a clear majority in Congress”, thinking of a scenario divided into three at the national level. “Now that no one has a majority, it will be time for those of us who seriously want federalism to get together and from Congress to propose this Federal Agenda,” she said.

“They will no longer be able to ignore the demands for federalism, from the interior of the country. No government will be able to ignore it. And we will always be there, with the five deputies from Cordoba, plus other deputies from the interior, plus those from the City of Buenos Aires and the Province of Buenos Aires to join, proposing this Federal Agenda,” added Schiaretti.

Massa – Milei: what happens to Patricia Bullrich’s votes in the runoff?

The election numbers

With more than 98% of the tables counted, the Minister of Economy and candidate of Unión por la Patria, Sergio Massa, won the general elections with the 36,67%, which represents 9,629,888 of the valid votes. In second place was his rival from La Libertad Avanza, Javier Milei, who reaped 29.99% of the votesthat is, 7,875,441.

The candidate of Together for Change, Patricia Bullrichcame in third place with the 23.83% of the votes, five percentage points below the result obtained due to his strength when he was measured in the primaries with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. In this way, and with 6,256,685 of the votes.

After Schiaretti he stood Myriam Bregmancandidate for the FIT – Unidad, who obtained 708,979 votes (2.70% of the registry), a number similar to that of the PASO.


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