Judo: 3 things to know about Stéphane Nomis, elected president of the Federation

The outsider won. Stéphane Nomis, 50, unbolted Jean-Luc Rougé from his throne, in office since 2005 and who was aiming for a fifth term. This former judoka who became a successful entrepreneur was elected president of the French Judo Federation (FFJDA) this Sunday with 59.99% of the vote. Three-point portrait.

1. He was for nine years in the France team

Between 1990 and 1999, Stéphane Nomis was a resident of Insep and a member of the France team. First in -86 kg then in -81 kg, where he faced competition from Djamel Bouras. To his record, he has three silver medals (1995, 1996, 1997) at the French Championships and a 5th place at the European Championships in 1997. “I fought to get out of it but I didn’t have the qualities to become world champion, ”he admits. In 2012, he took over the presidency of FLAM 91 (Force Longjumeau Alliance Massy 91). Sacred European champion Thursday, Shirine Boukli, and bronze medalist Kilian Le Blouch, are licensed there.

2. He is a successful entrepreneur and humanist

In 2002, Stéphane Nomis created Ippon Technologies, a consulting firm specializing in the development and transformation of IT systems. The company, with a turnover of 30.8 million euros in 2018, has several agencies around the world, including one in New York. A great climb for those who claim their “difficult” childhood in the cities of Grande-Borne in Grigny (Essonne), Butte-Rouge in Châtenay-Malabry (Hauts-de-Seine), or at the Pavé Blanc in Clamart (Hauts) -de-Seine), with an absent legionary father. “I want to fight in life for all the people in the cities who have not had the chance to succeed,” he explained to us. And let people be reassured: money does not make my head spin! My mother was a cleaner, a communist, and a national union representative. I don’t forget where I’m from! “

Nomis is therefore very invested in charity. In 2016, he created the Ippon Foundation in order to reduce the digital divide in France and Africa. He develops schools in Africa which he couples with dojos, giving computers to underprivileged children in Grigny. In 2018, twelve classes were launched in different countries (Cameroon, Togo, Senegal, etc.). He also chairs Athletes and Partners, the association that brings together companies that have signed up to the Performance Pact. In his companies, he employs judokas like Emilie Andéol, 2016 Olympic champion who, unemployed, had launched a cry of distress on the site of the Parisian.

3. He wants to reform a federation that he considers sclerotic

For several years, Stéphane Nomis, father of two teenagers, had risen as the main opponent of Jean-Luc Rougé. Between the two, it was the opposition of two worlds. Nomis embodies a real revolution with a “black-blanc-beur” list made up of former champions, such as Gévrise Emane and Frédéric Demontfaucon, women and executives. In recent months, he has campaigned on the ground by visiting 90 committees, met with volunteers, clubs, to whom he promised the power to elect the next president in four years.

“With a lot of humility, we listened, created the Estates General. We were inspired by the feedback to write our program, ”he explained. Its objective is to change both the governance model of the Federation and its economic model.

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